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“Wow, the power of LinkedIn. As soon as I saw Kevin O'Mahony's name, I was filled with positive emotions about the type of professional that he is. Imagine it being a month before you complete your Fellowship and you are busily wrapping up a sundry of details, preparing to move to another city, and all sorts of stressors related to transitions in life. Then you receive a formal letter from the State Board of Medical Examiners. What is this? A complaint? What do I do? Am I a terrible physician? Am I going to be sued? What do I do next? It is one of those things in medicine that is far too commonplace, and actually inevitable. This is how I was introduced to Kevin. I had contacted professional services and within I think an hour, on the same evening, a kind, compassionate and understanding voice of a professional, a stranger, heaven forbid ... a lawyer, was calling me. It was Kevin. He explained to me what was going on, that this is not unusual. I had, in the following short period of time, one of the most important lessons taught to me in my professional career. It all worked out. I didn't do anything wrong. We were able to fully explain the situation to the board and for the person who filed a complaint to prompt the formal inquiry. If you want someone who is prompt, has high integrity, is patient, and who provides great results with a personable yet expert fund of knowledge, ask for Kevin O'Mahony. Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.”

S.M., MD, M.P.H.

Geriatric Medicine and Family Practice Specialist

“What a team! One of the silver linings of going through a lengthy legal process (which ultimately resulted in a complete victory at trial) was the chance to meet and get to know Kevin. Thanks for everything!”

D.S., MD

General Surgeon and Accomplished Academic

“Thanks for all your great work!”

I.P., MD

Hospitalist and Assistant Professor of Medicine

“Kevin is highly regarded for his experience and commitment to handling a broad range of technical healthcare matters on behalf of clients.”


Social Security Attorney

“Kevin brings a superior level of knowledge in complex areas of law plus great service.”


Criminal Defense Attorney

“Kevin is diligent, knowledgeable, and creative. A hard worker, too. Highly recommended.”


Social Security Attorney

“Tons of experience. Proven record of results representing large organizations and individual clients. Very diligent.”


Medical Malpractice Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer for his skillful representation of clients in high stakes legal matters.”


Employment Attorney

“I endorse Kevin for his work on behalf of clients. Excellent experience and ability to evaluate different strategies.”


Workers Compensation Attorney


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